I don’t care if you’re black or white, I hate you anyway


So, hello motherfucking world!

Clearly it hasn’t been the best week in my life.

And clearly it hasn’t been the best life either.

Wherever I turn around, all I can see is false, hateful, egoistic and bad motherfuckers. I’m sick of this world and people who live in it. I mean, seriously? Someone who you thought was your friend, suddenly calls you a whore and a liar? Can we trust anyone those days? Where the fuck did this come from?  I was really trying to understand this world, try to live in it, but it’s definitely not my place. A place where people only look after taking care of themselves whatever it takes. Is all the respect gone? Why don’t you people take care of your lives and stop creating stories about others? Or in case you don’t have one (which is clearly what is going on) just fuck off!

I don’t believe in God, but I want to believe you all burn in hell. If I ever saw you all screaming for help, I would fucking let you die! Just saying. I hate each and every one of you! And from now on, you all are going to pay for your sins!

You are not even worth the calories I burnt writing this post.


And thanks to those few humans who I can still talk to. Love you.

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